Announcing the Metal on Metal Preservation Project

Later this year, for the 35th anniversary of the Metal on Metal radio show, I will, finally by great demand, release, a special version of the program I created to record and archive it. This special release is explicitly designed for the Raspberry Pi computer, and Amazon Lightsail Ubuntu server instances.   To go along with that, I am also announcing the Metal on Metal Preservation Project.

Basically, because of the automated nature of the Anvil program, and the availability of cheap hard drives,  I have the past 7 years of Metal on Metal archived in MP3 format.  However, it’s known that there are Cassette and possibly other recordings of Metal on Metal that go back way farther than that. I want to preserve Metal on Metal for metal heads today, future generations and beyond.

To that end, I am proposing, that anyone who has old copies of the show, if you give me copies, or let me make digital copies, I will give you access to my whole archive, including the ones I have archived now, the ones I got from you, and any ones added by anyone else in the future.

In addition to the contributors, I will also allow access to Bill himself, of course, and to anyone who is in a Cleveland based metal band so they can retrieve shows that they have been featured on. The archives will go live to coincide with the release of later this year.

As of now,  the sharing will be done done through a shared dropbox folder, so it will require a Dropbox account.   As this is still in the planning stages, I’m open to suggestions and ideas for this project as well.  If you have an suggestion, you can email me using the blog email link or leave it in the comments below.

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