That time when an innocent HPUX reference almost got me in trouble for Sexual Harassment.

So it was sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2003, I was installing HPUX on some new servers for a big Oracle upgrade project I was working on for the Bank at the time.

So I was in the lab where all new server builds happened. And in walks this particularly conservative guy that was on the Windows team.  I was running some pretty common commands needed to get the system to see the CD during install:

# ioscan -funC disk
# mount -f iso9660 <device from previous command> /mnt

So, Mr. Conservative walks in and asks me “How’s it going?” to which I respond, “Fine! I’m just funking my disks so I can mount my CDROM.”

While this is an ancient HPUX joke that all seasoned HPUX admins would laugh at, I guess Mr. Conservative didn’t like the Innuendo, I didn’t even actually consider.  So I got marched into the bosses office and sternly told to “What the innuendo, and be mindful of who’s around when you are saying some things”

Good think it wasn’t a reference with the finger command … those can get kind of raunchy sometimes.

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