Secrets to Career Success

Having had a pretty successful career, I’m often asked what the secret to my success is.

Historically, I would attribute it to 3 things:

  1. Hard Work – the cornerstone of any success
  2. Doing something you love – if you can’t stand you job, you’ll fail
  3. Doing something you can actually do – no sense being incompetent at it as you will fail


But, after seeing some people fail and some succeed, I think this list needs to be updated.

The new list looks more like this:

  1. Hard Work – still the cornerstone of any success
  2. Motivation – with out it, there will be no hard work
  3. Doing something you love – if you can’t stand you job, you’ll not have any motivation
  4. Doing something you are good at – if you suck at your job, you’ll not love it.
  5. The foresight to recognize both opportunities and liabilities  – AKA Luck, and knowing when you have or don’t have it.

And, finally, a core philosophy of my life, not just for my career, applying number 5 above:

If anything can go wrong it will, learn to use this to your advantage! 

The combination of number 5 and Living by Murphy’s Law are actually very important.  Knowing when to jump ship, or even pass on an opportunity is very important. As is knowing when an opportunity placed before you should not be missed.

And finally, remember part of using Murphy’s law to your advantage is to not compromise yourself for that perfect job. It’s not worth it, you’ll end up miserable and the whole list above will collapse, and you will likely NOT be successful.


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